+61 (0) 498 130 371

+61 (0) 498 130 371

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Bespoke, periodised running programmes tailored to you

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'Trust the process, Execute the plan'

Who we are

Bespoke Running Plans

At Cadence, we believe there's more to running than just running.  Getting the most out of your training requires careful planning around lifestyle factors and running history, specific yet flexible programming, constant tracking of performance, consistency and honesty in the execution of the programme and a strong and focused mind and body.  We believe good nutrition, recovery, strength, mobility and family/friends time, play an important role in maximising your performance.  

At Cadence, we do all the careful planning for you, we provide you with an easily accessible online training programme which has been tailored specifically for your needs and goal, whether it's a 5km park run or a 'personal best marathon'.  Our holistic approach to training is reflected in your programme with strength and conditioning guidance, nutritional advice, scheduled recovery and tapering periods, as well as race-day strategies.  

We provide you with accountability, ongoing support, performance tracking and programme management; all you need to do is execute the plan.  

Who You Are

You are looking for:

a personal running coach without being tied to a gym  

affordable personalised coaching

flexibility in your training schedule 

accountability and motivation

5k/10k/half marathon training/marathon training plan

structure in your training with tracking and performance measurement

an holistic and balanced approach to training

Whether you're simply getting started on your running journey or looking to take your current racing to the next level, we would love to hear from you.  

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